MAD Münchener Akten + Daten Vernichtung GmbH

Since 1997, we have been a certified waste management company and have been active in industry, communities, trade and for private individuals.
We are active nationally and internationally as a waste management and trading company with our sites in Germany and Europe.

We often organise material flows directly into our parent company's paper factories and thus complete the recycling chain within our own Group of Companies.
We optimise transportation together with our sister company and, together with our customers, create intelligent ON-SITE solutions for integrating waste management into the customer's processes.

Waste is recyclable material! This is nothing new. Putting waste back into the material cycle holds enormous economic potential. At the same time, our environment's resources are spared.
This benefits not only our customers. Our management of recyclable materials also contributes to reducing the need for raw material resources. We help to bear this social responsibility.
It is for this reason that we decided to expand our core business of paper disposal to include new areas of business. We also deal with the disposal of construction site waste, rubble, bulky waste and plastic.