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We dispose of all types of waste paper! In-house sorting ensures high quality.
As a 100% subsidiary of the family-run paper manufacturer LEIPA, we have a high-performance partner at our disposal for in-house paper recycling.
For you, this means:

  • 100% recycling with appropriate certifications
  • Absolutely reliable disposal
  • Prices in line with the market
  • Dealing with waste paper / Provision of the necessary technology (commercial packaging, etc.)
  • Commitment to purchase for any volume upon request


You building sites have to function. Commercial or private. This includes the reliability of your container service. In the Munich region, we are your competent partner for mixed building waste, rubble, soil, plaster, mineral fibres and other waste at all loading stages.
We have knowledge of the special requirements for analyses and complete them competently with well-known, certified laboratories.
For you, this means:

  • Jobs which are accepted will be completed
  • 100% traceable disposal channels
  • Cost certainty thanks to pre- and post-analysis
  • Electronic waste records procedure


You have to clean up. Commercial or private. It must be done quickly.
Then give us a call or come into our office in Munich.
For you, this means:

  • We take everything away, excluding hazardous waste and fluids
  • Not everything costs anything.




The manufacturing of paper from waste paper is similarly worthwhile for our customers and the environment. Thanks to the close relationship with our Georg Leinfelder "LEIPA" paper mill, we guarantee the manufacturing of 100% recycled paper in our Group of Companies. Because of this, we love recyclable paper and are committed to the future of paper manufacturing from waste paper. Our high-tech recycled paper fulfils all of the requirements of the modern customer. This closeness with the paper mill also pays off lastingly for you – from price through to climate neutrality to the Blue Angel.

If you are interested in your sustainability – you can check here:

We have extensive know-how in the field of assessing and marketing waste paper. We are thus both a valued disposal partner and, at the same time, supplier for the paper processing industry.


Our strength is indisputably the disposal of printing works waste. We know the field from the point of view of a disposal partner, but also from the point of view of a paper manufacturer and supplier. As a result, we always offer services which are customised for your concrete requirements.
For you, this means:

  • Free advice from our experts
  • Solutions which suit you
  • Logistics concepts from containers through to integration into your production with stationary installations
  • New loading and logistics concepts allow you to improve your current remuneration


We make reusable materials from waste. Not everyone can.
This also benefits you since you can get remuneration instead of paying fees! You can help us with this by separating the waste where it is produced.
We have the necessary contingent of bins and containers, integrable systems and a state-of-the-art vehicle fleet.
For you, this means:

  • Free concept development by our experts
  • Suitable container systems for your site
  • Lower space requirements
  • Clear savings for your complete waste disposal costs




Are you a member of a club, take your child to daycare, your child goes to school or you work in a charitable organisation?
Then you can kill two birds with one stone. You can improve your club's treasury and educate your children and members about environmental awareness and sustainability.
For you, this means:

  • Support in applying to the authorities for a collection
  • Free advertising for your members
  • CASH FOR PAPER– watch your treasury grow
  • Organisation of a visit to our establishment
  • You can also find us at: oder 


Are you already a paper purchasing centre and are now looking for a reliable partner for marketing?
Do you want to open a purchasing centre and need support in navigating the red tape of the rules and regulations? Talk to us!
For you, this means:

  • You are your own company
  • Commitment to purchase
  • Prompt payment
  • Legal certainty
  • Technical support
  • Direct channel to the paper mill